JB (billyphuz) wrote in condiment_love,

Wasabi + Mustard

A few days ago I bought two bags of gourmet Archer Farms potato chips for four bucks at Target: one was some kind of Parmesan flavor, and the other was more experimental: Wasabi and Mustard flavored.

I bust 'em both out, and on first chip I really like the wasabi-and-mustard idea (though by chip twenty or so the greasy/salty stuff has kind of turned my palate into some sort of MSG soak pad). Reading the ingredients I see that they are indeed made with "salad-style mustard" (some aficionado I am: I have no idea what salad-style mustard is, though this one seems to have a lot of vinegar in it) and real wasabi (which Wikipedia tells me more often than not is substituted for fake wasabi, which is really horseradish and food coloring, but the article is unverified).

But if it's true that mustard, horseradish, and wasabi all come from the same genetic family (ibid., unverified wikipedia article) I think that's a helluva condiment combo. The tangy acidity of good mustard with the nasal-clearing green note of some good wasabi? I'm gonna buy a tube from the Whole Foods and go nuts.
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